The E-Cell System version 3


Model Reference Download
Mitochondrion A general computational model of mitochondrial metabolism in a whole organelle scale. Yugi and Tomita, 2004 E-Cell3 model
Kyoto Model (cardiac myocyte) Simulation of ATP metabolism in cardiac excitation-contraction coupling. Matsuoka et. al., 2004
Role of individual ionic current systems in the SA node hypothesized by a model study. Sarai et. al., 2003
Role of individual ionic current systems in ventricular cells hypothesized by a model study. Matsuoka et. al., 2003
E-Cell3 model
Goldbeter1995 (Drosophila circadian rhythm) A model for circadian oscillations in the Drosophila period protein (PER). Goldbeter, 1995 E-Cell3 model
Tyson1999 (circadian rhythm) A simple model of circadian rhythms based on dimerization and proteolysis of PER and TIM. Tyson,, 1999 E-Cell3 model
Scheper1999 (molecular circadian clocks) A model of molecular circadian clocks: multiple mechanisms for phase shifting and a requirement for strong nonlinear interactions. Scheper, et. al., 1999 E-Cell3 model
Leloup1999 (Drosophila circadian oscillations) Chaos and birhythmicity in a model for circadian oscillations of the PER and TIM proteins in drosophila. Leloup and Goldbeter, 1999 E-Cell3 model
Petri2001 (molecular feedback loop of D.melanogaster clock genes) Phase response curves of a molecular model oscillator: implications for mutual coupling of paired oscillators. Petri and Stengl, 2001 E-Cell3 model
Ueda2001 (Drosohila circadian rhythm) Robust oscillations whithin the interlocked feedback model of Drosophila circadian rhythm. Ueda, et. al., 2001 E-Cell3 model
Smolen2002 (Drosophila circadian oscillator) A reduced model clarifies the role of feedback loops and time delays in the Drosophila circadian oscillator. Smolen, el. al., 2002 E-Cell3 model
Smolen2004 (Drosophila circadian rhythm generation) Simulation of Drosophila circadian oscillations, mutations, and light responses by a model with VRI, PDP-1, and CLK. Smolen, et. al., 2004 E-Cell3 model